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Let every creature praise HIs holy name forever and ever.~Psalms 145:21
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God’s Little Critters is located on our second-generation family farm known as God’s Little Critters Farm. We are nestled in between the quaint rural City of Ennis and the hustle & bustle City of Waxahachie in the Great State of Texas.

God’s Little Critters Farm is the home of many, many well-loved animals of whom we have been blessed with stewardship of--goats, sheep, llamas, micro cattle, mini horses, horses, ponies, donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, tortoise, once unwanted rescue dogs, as well as our other great love...everything Aussies--professionally breeding Toy, Mini and Standard Australian Shepherds, as well as Aussiedoodles--have made their home with us on the farm. Our life here is a menagerie of beautiful Spring days, scalding hot summers, brittle wintry mornings, hard work, laughter, tears, early mornings, late nights, lots of fun, togetherness, welcomed breezes, wisping trees in the wind, blooming crepe myrtle, cows mooing, sheep baaing, goats escaping, thundering of horse hooves, new life, sad goodbyes, barking dogs with lots of belly rubs before calling it a day. With all of the above being the gift of a blessed life!

I have always loved animals with my first love crush being the horse. I had a horse named Pepper when I was growing up and he was my very best friend. I was a very shy little girl so did not have many friends to speak of, but Pepper was always there to welcome my happy, giddy smile or to give me comfort when I needed to share tears. And that was where my heart rested.

My love for horses has grown to a great love for many of God's living creations. A legacy my Daddy grew in me. And through God sharing so many precious little lives with me, I have grown from that shy little girl who never really wanted to share life with people to not being able to wait until the next person comes along to share God's love with through his precious creations. It is an awesome life to journey when we begin to allow God to mold us into the one He created us to be.

I can wholeheartedly say that it is an honor to have been gifted stewardship of the God's Little Critters Farm and all our furry menagerie of life. It has not always been an easy cross to bear in our walk with God, most especially when one of our pets crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, but the joy bestowed and the fellowship shared on this path has swollen our hearts with such gratitude to our Heavenly Father. He is good and He is great at all times.

​I have experienced so many beautiful things with my animals. In my everyday life of feeding, grooming, cleaning, watering, loving them, everything involved with caring for the pets of God's Little Critters, is where and when I hear God the clearest and experience His movement in my soul the most. And that is where my heart now rests.

We welcome you with open hearts and hope you enjoy your stay. 💕 Paul and Gina

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