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Our Mission...To share God's love for each of us through sharing His cuddly creations with all who need a cuddle.

God's Little Critters began with a sweet little bottle-baby kitten named Kelso and a tiny, tiny Easter Bunny named Bandit.  My husband and I took these two little guys everywhere there would be kids - church functions, events where ministries were reaching out, which led to retirement homes and wherever else we felt God was leading us.  We believe a great purpose in our lives is to share our blessings to the betterment of others.  And we hoped that our sweet little pets would bring a smile to a child's face, bring peace to a troubled heart, bring comfort to the young, the old, the ill, the weary, and to make that difference for all who we shared our precious furry friends with. 

Many of our pets are rescues or the unwanted male babies whose lives would have had an untimely end if we had not taken them into our family.  In their short little lives they have only known love, compassion, kindness and protection. We know each of our pets individually... their personality, their likes, their dislikes, their quirks, what makes them happy, what makes them fearful, when they don't feel well, when they need a hug or a lay in the lap. Our pets never leave us after they have grown up and lost their baby-face appeal. This is their forever home....their sanctuary.

God's Little Critters is not a non-profit, at this time, and we incur all expenses personally.  As our ministry grew from a precious bottle-baby kitten and the sweetest Easter bunny ever, our expenses grew: pet housing, bedding, feed, hay, water, misters, emergency veterinarian care, surgeries, yearly vaccinations (including the rabies vaccinations which raises the cost substantially), farrier services, vehicle maintenance, tires, diesel, traveling pens, insurance, USDA licensing, website, limited advertising, and the list goes on. To continue our ministry and volunteer where needed, it became necessary to offer our petting zoo and pony rides to the public for paid events.  The furry family of God's Little Critters needs your assistance in continuing its ministry of helping to "make someone's world a better place" by hiring our services for your next petting zoo and/or pony ride event.  So by you inviting God's Little Critters to service your event, you have allowed us and our critter family to pass on your kindness to those who need the love of our pets.  Thus, we are not asking you for a helping hand, we are asking you for an “outreached hand.” 

Some of the people our pets have shared God's love with:

*Hidden Miracles, serving families of children with special needs

*Our Sunflower Friends, raising funds for families with children who are
fighting cancer

*Woodall Kids, serving families of children with autism

*Southwestern Assemblies of God University, hosting Royal Family Kids
 Camp, serving neglected and abused children currently in foster care or 
children’s homes

*Our Children’s House, serving families of children with special needs

*Benefits for St. Jude

*Benefits for families of fallen police officers and firefighters

*Benefits for families of cancer patients 

*Healthcare Facilities

" Look up! Get up! And don't ever give up!"~Michael Irvin
Our Patches is now famous.  Patches is my Spring 2014 bottle baby Nigerian Dwarf goat.  I saw Patches on Craigslist just moments after he had been posted for sale.  He grabbed my heart and I immediately called but was told a lady would be there that evening for him.  Saddened but still hopeful, I left my number and asked that the owner would immediately call me if the lady did not take him.  Later that evening I received the call that he was still available.  It was late before we could get together and I finally picked this baby up around midnight.  Patches has been a blessing from the moment I held him in my arms.  Some things are just meant to be and Patches was meant for us!